Fashion In Black & White

The great thing about black and white is that these two colors in fashion give us endless possibilities. Whether they’re paired together or worn alone, we can pull off just about any look in any season. Additionally, these two colors make accessorizing a breeze. This season you can turn to black and white in new ways you may not have thought of before.

Fashion in black and white has been around for a long time. Many famous women over the years were known for sporting fabulous threads in these two colors. Great examples include Diana Ross in the 1980s when she sported an edgy black and white jumpsuit that contained both skinny and wide stripes that stretched across the fabric both horizontally and vertically. Ann-Margaret rocked the mod look by wearing a black and white printed top with a checkerboard miniskirt, thigh-high white boots, and topped it off with a white headband back in the 1960s.

As far back as the 1940s, women like Lauren Bacall made black and white sexy by wearing a zebra print top, white skirt, and black pumps. This time around, fashion designers everywhere are embracing black and white prints and patterns, allowing women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy these two classic colors that never go out of style.

When it comes to accessorizing your next black and white ensemble, this year is all about pairing it with nudes, metallics, and bright colors. Many designers are coupling black and white graphics into special prints on key clothing items such as dresses, skirts, and loose, flowy tops. This year is all about black and white patterns. With just one patterned piece you can completely transform an otherwise boring and bland outfit. The trick to using black and white patterns is to learn what type of designs/graphics flatters your figure. For example, narrow stripes can create the illusion of a slimmer figure, especially when smartly paired with wider stripes. Additionally, black side panels can also visually take inches off your waist.

For women with wide hips, use patterned black and white fashion pieces to your advantage by wearing a printed top to create balance and draw the eye away from your wide hips. Plus size or curvier women can benefit from wearing the right allover print with a diagonal drift to create a slimming effect that is also flattering to your body. Petite women can use the power of vertical lines in black and white to add the illusion of added height.

In addition to knowing what patterns and/or prints to wear when it comes to black and white, it’s also important to properly accessorize. This means keeping your hair and jewelry fairly simple. The goal is to create an overall balance. Think sleek and simple. When it comes to makeup, keep this fairly natural as well. Feminine and soft work well for such outfits. Stay away from fire-engine red lips or other colors that may make your two-toned ensemble seem out of place.

The 2 Main Tips For Developing Sizeable Muscle Easily

Ready to ultimately begin to build some muscle mass? Discouraged along with the shortage of development you’re getting at the gym these days? Irrespective of how much time you might be expanding at the gym, there are 2 things that you absolutely must be carried out in order to observe the outcomes you actually need. Such as nearly anything worthwhile attaining, generating remarkable muscle will require remarkable hard work! Simply visiting the gym and “mailing it in” can get you some net muscular benefits, but when you would like to experience true muscular gains you need to be prepared to work your rear end off.

Why is it that muscles increase?

The body views intensive weight-lifting as a new threat and behaves like any amazing structure will — it responds by means of safeguarding itself. It will this by setting up even bigger muscle mass to cope with this recognized threat. There is a muscle tissue building plan around called Muscle Maximizer which really does a fantastic job of letting you build big muscles with the concept of developing overburden. To reach the point where your muscle tissue feels it important to develop, you ought to get to the place of fail inside your reps. To obtain these huge muscle tissues you have to center on performing two things any time working out: Concentric Muscle Collapse: Once you can’t conduct another repetition with right form in spite of your own efforts.

Visual Impact Muscle Building, one other popular bodybuilding application assists describe this idea extremely definitely. To honestly find stunning muscle mass gains you should be willing to safely take your system to the boundaries. Performing exercises right until you are drained, or until you “just feel like it” will not get you those skin-bulging muscles you want. You need to accustom yourself to functioning to the place of breakdown.


As you get much stronger from week to week, it truly is important not to relax in your earlier achievements. You wish to continue to help to make gains when you exercise and also this implies that you’re growing either your fat or amount of reps. Remaining fixed with your weight lifting and repetitions will freeze how well you’re progressing. Give your body reasons to carry on becoming much stronger (and larger!).


Having said that, when you’re not in the fitness center, you need to be doing all you can to rest and recuperate your own muscles. It’s easy to fall for the belief that you need to be doing exercises 24/7 in order to develop muscle rapidly. The reality is muscle mass will not grow while you’re in the fitness center. For sure, you receive that good minimal pump following lifting for a tiny bit, but that always disappears right after a while. Muscle growth is really muscle mass restoration. Give your muscles groups time to recoup to enable you to give a complete, 100% focus at the following session.So there you have it. Both the essential elements you’ll need to know for the next time you wish to begin to build enormous muscle. The great news is that today you hold the details to make the correct judgments when it comes to muscles, so don’t merely take a seat on the couch, respond now!

Technique To Lose Weight Quickly

We all know the overall health benefits linked to becoming fit as well as losing weight. Yet, are you aware of just how dangerous it is to keep that excess weight on you? We are all aware of lots of side effects that arise from having a lot of fat held in the body. In addition, excess weight makes you look unfit and feel lethargic and tired.

If you would like to lose weight very quickly it’s always best to seek for a healthy solution to your current diet and to stay with it until you reach your weight loss goals.When you choose to manage your weight and seriously throw yourself in the process, that one decision could be a genuinely empowering action.

Give yourself several great reasons to burn the fatty pounds and you will be much more likely to succeed. The tendency of individuals to select fat food over the balanced alternatives has led to a society that’s expanding, around the belly regions, year after year. Even though junk food must be avoided whenever possible, alternative diet plans that promise quick weight loss is usually just as damaging.

Crash diets, for example, can enable you to get rid of fat right away eliminating the concern of fat associated illnesses but they can also trigger as much problems as they supposedly solve. Even so, a lot of these diets rob the body of very much needed minerals and nutrients that facilitate proper bodily function. They can furthermore strip away excess fat from specific parts of the body while leaving fatty cells near vital internal organs, like the heart, which are then put under tremendous stress as a result of deficiency of healthy supplements.

However, in the same way that there are unhealthy diets out there, there are also some excellent ones. You can lose weight rapidly and healthily using the appropriate diet and exercise plan. You shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of tasty food or deny your body of whatever it requires to function properly. If you’re a seasoned dieter then I do not have to inform you exactly how difficult dieting is.

Weight loss programs are nearly always seen as a punishing regime that is required if we wish to drop some pounds. We feel that diet plans are a means of starving ourselves of all the nice food that are bad for us. The truth is there is no need to suffer on a harmful diet that seems like a punishment.

The number 1 factor people are not able to reach their weight loss goals is a failure to plan them. The manner of diet and exercise program you choose is a very big contributing cause of failure also. You really should invest some time investigating the advantages and disadvantages of any diet you are interested in trying. It is much easier to use a weight loss plan directly into a daily routine if it fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

You should definitely select a weight reducing plan that you feel great about and feel that you can easily stick to. Any diet plan that you choose must offer sufficient options to avoid being boring and also possess sufficient substance to keep you filled so you never feel like you’re depriving yourself.

Exercise, even if it’s just moderate slow exercise, is additionally important if you wish to drop the weight. You simply can’t sit around doing anything all day long and expect your body to burn fat! Just 30 minutes of exercise can enable you to shed a huge amount of calories over the time period of your diet, help keep you in shape and enable you to feel more healthy.

Reason, Occurrence And Treatment Of Dandruff

Anyone who has dandruff knows how much can be uncomfortable when he wears dark clothing. Fortunately, there are effective ways to treat dandruff.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a form of seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrhoeic dermatitis is a common type of dermatoses that usually occupy parts of the body where there are plenty of sebaceous glands, such as the scalp, face, chest and in the folds of the body. Sebaceous glands secrete sebum (fat) like wax substance which serves to lubricate the hair and skin. In mild forms of seborrheic dermatitis, the crown of the head is exposed and it is called dandruff (pityriasis sicca), which manifests the characteristic white scales.

Dandruff can occur in childhood and has a gradual onset. Seborrhoeic dermatitis and dandruff can be withdrawn in childhood and adolescence, but can also continue throughout adulthood. This condition occurs in 2-5 percent of the population and is more common in men. Some people complain that the state of dandruff is worse in autumn, winter and dry environment. Sun has a different impact. Some people believe that the sun improves their condition, while others that lead to deterioration.In addition to the scalp, dandruff can expose on eyebrows and eyelashes.

What is the reason for the occurrence of dandruff?

Some experts suggest that dandruff or in a broader sense, seborrhoeic dermatitis is a result of genetic predisposition “seborrheic conditions.” These seborrheic conditions may also be associated with “pre-psoriatic conditions”. In fact, many of the people who have dandruff, have psoriasis on the body. The simultaneous presence of seborrhea and psoriasis is so common that some call it “seboriasis.” In addition to genetics and development of seborrhea and psoriasis, a major role can play fungus “M. Furfur “.Seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff, normally are present when:

  • Parkinson’s disease conditions of reduced immunity, such as HIV, AIDS or heart transplants
  • Lack of zinc, pyridoxine, and niacin
How to treat dandruff?

To hold dandruff under control, it is required constant and persistent treatment. There are several types of shampoos that are quite effective. If a shampoo does not work, you can try something else.

Here are four types of shampoos commonly used to treat dandruff which is easily accessible.

Shampoos based on zinc pyrithione.

Containing antibacterial and antifungal ingredients (zinc pyrithione).

Shampoos based on selenium sulfide.

You can prevent changes in cells and help control the fungus.

Shampoos with ketoconazole.

They have broad antifungal spectrum. Why fungicidal drugs can be effective is because, as mentioned above, the cause of dandruff can be a fungus.

Shampoos based on tar – coal.

Reduce the creation of dandruff.

In the more persistent cases of seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff can be used retinol acid orally, which is very effective. Retinol or a retinol acid is a derivative of vitamin A and is commonly used to treat acne. Because retinol acid is harmful to the fetus, pregnant women should not use it.

In addition to the appropriate shampoo, several other measures can help to control dandruff, including nutrition, stress reduction, and less use of resources for shaping the hair. Consistent adherence to this routine to control dandruff will allow your hair and scalp look healthy without the annoying presence of dandruff.

Lymphoma Cancer Early Signs And Symptoms

Lymphoma cancer symptoms are very helpful in identifying and judging the intensity of tumor-growth in lymphocytes and also help to decide on the form of diagnosis and cure to be executed. Nature of lymphoma cancer early signs also help to make out approximate chances of the victim to survive after undergoing treatments. Symptoms are of great help in promoting a person to go for detailed medical tests at the earliest so that the infection can be controlled effectively.

Role of Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of cancer of lymphoma are of various forms and depend primarily upon the reason behind the origin of cancer growth in lymphocytes.

Generally, cancer of lymphocytes is roughly divided into two major forms as

  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)
  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (HL).

Further, the disease is classified into 70 different major and non-major forms, most of which fall under NHL. Most serious kind of infections in lymphocytes occurs in B cells and T cells. B cells are of immense help in stabilizing and strengthening the immune system and help a person to resist development of various kinds of infections and other disorders. T cells play a significant role in the generation of various antibodies required to fight disorders. Infection in these cells can be highly damaging for several areas of victim’s body and lower chances of survival to a great extent.

Lymphoma cancer early signs are significant because they help to confirm the presence of cancer cells in lymphocytes. They also pave way for detailed and focused diagnosis of the areas identified for such abnormalities and makes the process of lymphoma cancer therapy smooth and its output predictable.Symptoms are necessary to trace the kind of tumor-formation one is suffering from. In early stages, tumors are limited only to the local region. They initiate to metastasize once the infection reaches into higher stages. This causes serious concerns as it is very difficult to eliminate tumors that are already spread into various areas of a person’s body.

Proper interpretation of tumors helps in finding the root cause of the disorder so that pattern of treatment can be planned accordingly.

Various Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms

Cancer of lymphoma primarily infects lymph nodes and lymph cells therein. Lymph nodes are present all over the body and are the main carriers of white blood cells. Hence, the location of detection of early signs can be several and present in different areas of the body simultaneously.

Chest pains, frequent but severe coughing that does not go away by normal medical procedures, itching, and unbearable abdominal pains are some of the easily identifiable lymphoma cancer early signs. Some may also show signs as the severe form of fatigue or weakness, night sweats, and unnatural loss of weight. The sudden change in eating habits or loss of appetite can also be considered as one of the indirect symptoms of lymph node cancer. As the disorder occurs primarily in nodes carrying lymph, swelling, and redness (if detected quite frequently) should be checked in detail for chances of cancerous infection.

Another major symptom of the disorder is swelling and pains in lymph nodes. Lymphoma cancer symptoms can be cross-checked using various kinds of diagnosis methods. Some of them include MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan, lymph node biopsy, full body biopsy,  CT (Computed Tomography) scan etc. those with a medical history of any kind of cancerous disorders should be very careful about their health concerns and take proper medical advice in case of any unexpected abnormalities.

Missing Teeth, Tooth Decay And Smelly Breath

Many of us loose teeth for a number of reasons, from accidents to tooth decay. Often we do nothing about this or perhaps we are too embarrassed to see a dentist or tell anyone about it. We may start to cover our mouths when we smile or become low in confidence because of a missing tooth or missing teeth. Food debris can get stuck in the place your tooth used to be and this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

A person dealing with this will also have bad breath and often suffer from bone loss around the jawline. This can affect the whole look of the face and mouth. So, missing teeth can really affect both your health and your looks in a negative way. There is treatment available that can make your mouth and teeth look like new.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a metal rod, typically made from titanium, which sports a built-in screw equipped to hold a false tooth or teeth (they can support more than one) in place. After the jawbone has fused with the titanium implant, crowns, dentures, and bridges can be added onto the screw to replace any missing teeth. Once in your mouth, they look natural and restore both the jaw and any changes to the face.

How does the process work?

The entire process itself can take quite some time, with the jawbone fusing part taking over several months in itself. This then is not a procedure for the easily impatient – though, in the pursuit of a happy, healthy smile, time is no contest. Your dentist should outline his estimation of how long the process will take before you enter the procedure but try not to be too disheartened if you find that estimate stretching as time goes on. It is, after all, an estimate. Bone can be lost from the jaw around the area of the missing tooth so your dentist will need to make sure that there is still enough bone left to fuse with the dental implant.

The implant procedure involves minor surgery to set in the implant, with the word minor here being stressed as emphatically as possible. This operation is done under a course of local anesthesia and the patient is ensured no pain, other than the usual discomforting, tongue-wagging numbness that is to be expected from local anesthesia. It is strongly suggested that you allow someone else to drive you home afterward.

Though it is rare, your dentist may fix the false teeth onto the implant after the procedure is done. But, this is very rare and you are more likely to need an extensive period of time to allow the mouth to heal. This can be from anywhere from 3 months to 8 so it’s important once again to remember to keep patient. It’ll take a while to get you smiling again, but when it finally happens, what a smile you’ll have.

Fashion For Your Age: Clothing Options That Make You Look Younger In A Good Way!

While it may be dreadful to think about the fact that you’re getting older, an even worse feeling is being the woman that people point at and say, “Wow, she is too old to be wearing that!” Using clothes to create a younger appearance is perfectly fine but if you are not wise about the clothing options you choose, you could be doing more harm to your fashion tastes than good. There is nothing wrong with dressing younger but there is a huge difference between looking good by dressing for your age and trying to look like your teenage daughter.

Fashion trends come and go and it isn’t uncommon for older women to want to get in on the “hip” fashions that younger women are wearing. However, you must pick the right types of fashionable styles that are still youthful but are designed for your age. Believe it or not, such clothing items do exist. With a bit of shopping around and fashion savvy, you can easily pull off a fabulous outfit that flatters your figure but allows you to embrace your age instead of trying to pretend you’re younger than your years.

The Little Black Dress:

This one item is a must for any woman’s closet and if you are looking for a younger style, by all means, go ahead but be aware of certain styles that may not be appropriate for your age. Little black dress styles that allow older women to be sexy yet tasteful include those with open backs (but not the kind that dip so low you can see your underwear), scoop, halter and asymmetrical necklines (but not deep plunge V-necks that show way too much cleavage) and slits, either on the side, front or back. While your little black dress should hug your body, you shouldn’t choose a style that is super tight and form-fitting.


There are various styles that are popular these days, including hip-huggers, low rise, and skinny jeans. Unless you are naturally tall and slender, chances are you won’t look right in skinny jeans. Instead of trying to wear the same type of jeans your daughter is sporting, look for a style that is current yet comfortable. Look for jeans that hug your waist comfortably without creating a “muffin top.” Additionally, make sure that when you sit down or bend over, your underwear (or more) doesn’t end up being on display. In these instances, you probably shouldn’t go for a low rise style (think how mortified your children will be to learn that their mother wears thongs!).


Sure, you may have had a ton of leggings when you were a teen but the styles, colors, and outfits that go with tights and leggings today are different and important to learn if you want to pull off this style. Older women should pair black or navy blue tights or leggings with a long, curve-hugging sweater, cinched with a belt that is suitable for your figure. Add some heels or boots to your outfit and you’ll be one fashionable lady!


These days, belts are used for more than just holding your pants up—they are among the most fashionable accessories you can have. If you plan on wearing a belt as part of your ensemble, you’ll want to make sure to choose the right width. If your waist is a bit wider, choose a medium-sized belt or a slightly skinnier style. Plus size older women should avoid wearing skinny belts or super wide belts, which only serve to exaggerate your size.

Problem: Protruding Ears

Protruding ears can represent a psychological burden and create a complex of which the child is difficult to get rid of. Protruding ears is an inherited trait and can sometimes be the result of harmful effects in the womb, yet statistics show that children most often inherit.

Ear develops six skin folds that converge overgrowth and form the same. This happens in the embryonic stage of development, mostly around the 12th week. Scientists are not sure which gene is responsible for a succession of protruding ears so that it happens to a baby with protruding ears in a family where no one previously had such a problem and the reverse situation, where both father and mother have protruding ears while their child has completely normal ears. Although it is not a “terrible” and insoluble problem, does not affect hearing and health of the child, however, protruding ears can be a great psychological burden for the child and create a complex of which the child is hard to shake, especially the lass when you go to kindergarten or school, and because of these features it can be exposed to ridicule by his friends.

Psychologists say many parents often create more problems for the protruding ears than the children themselves, particularly if they had that same problem. It is because they fear their child is the subject of ridicule. Therefore, they insist to perform surgery early, which is not good. Girls are particularly vulnerable and can occur to be too withdrawn, not wanting to keep their hair collected which creates a distinct image for themselves, and that is to be ugly. It can badly affect the confidence and the proper formation of the person, so do not ignore this “problem”, especially if the child repeatedly speaks about it.

There are several possibilities for surgery, so it’s pretty important to get informed and consult with people who are experts in that area. This surgery is not complicated and is not painful, but it is important to know that the ear forms in the sixth year of children’s lives, so experts recommend not to make surgical intervention before. For younger children, it is usually performed using general anesthesia, while adults use only local anesthesia.

Before embarking on this decision, talk to your child, try to explain that it’s not scary and that can be easily resolved, but do not insist your child accept it. This operation does not last long and the surgery decreases the angle between the ear and head. The child is discharged from the hospital on the same day.

It is important that in the next ten days to go and see the doctor for a control. In some clinics due to the anesthesia children can maintain one night at a hospital. Recommendation of experts is that this intervention for children under 12 years to be done under general anesthesia.Complications can occur rarely, but of course, everything is possible. Ears are too sensitive, and sometimes it can happen to remain harsh scars that can make it even worse aesthetic problem. However, you should know that this rarely happens. Also, it is very important not to allow the emergence of infections, which rarely occurs.

Keeping The Cardiac Related Problems At Bay By Eating The Right Kind Of Food

The heart is one of the most delicate organs of our body. Many of you might perform several exercises to keep it fit and healthy. Besides good workout, healthy food could also decrease the risk of heart-related diseases.

Below Mentioned Is The List Of Several Supplements That Are Essential For Heart. They Are-

Folic acid –

Folic acid is present in foodstuffs like avocados, broccoli, asparagus, orange juice, Brussels sprouts, fortified cereals, and spinach. Eating food rich in folic acid will protect your vascular system.

Astaxanthin –

Food items like Rainbow Trout, Lobster, and Salmon contain it. Consumption of this nutrient could protect and nurture your heart. Besides this, it strengthens other organs.

L.Citrulline –

Consumption of fish, dairy products, melons, and poultry items are good for health. They are beneficial in producing L- Arginine.

Neptune Krill Oil –

It is quite beneficial for the heart as it contains compounds like phospholipids, omega 3 fatty acids, and several antioxidants. They provide complete protection to heart and several other essential organs of the body.

Plant Sterols –

Studies have shown that food rich in plant sterols like whole grains and vegetables reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. Hence, it is advisable to consume a high amount of such nutrients.

Alpha Lipoic acid –

Eating food rich in this acid provides several benefits. Food items like beef liver, beef kidney, spinach, broccoli, beef heart and many others are good for the heart. They provide energy to the body.

Omega 3 fatty acids –

Salmon, walnuts, and flax seeds are good to maintain the cardiovascular system. They work to maintain the cholesterol level of the body.

Vitamin B-12 –

This vitamin has several benefits. You could eat food items like eggs, milk, poultry and milk products.

Things you need to avoid staying healthy besides considering what to consume, you need to take care of the items you need to avoid for healthy living.

  • It is advisable to reduce excessive intake of canned or processed food items. They contain the high amount of salt which is harmful to human body.
  • You could avoid buying frozen dinners or soups, poultry products and so on. Instead, you could prepare soups at home, consume unsalted meat, and eat fresh food and so on.
  • Different salt alternatives available in the market. You could eat food cooked at home and reduce the level of salt. Excessive salt could damage heart it is advisable to use its alternatives. Salt alternatives include chives, thyme, basil and much more.
  • To give flavor to your meal, you could add bay leaves and cumin.While selecting the food items, you need to have a look at their ingredients. Ensure that you consume unsalted, low sodium or sodium free products.
  • Several cookbooks containing heart-healthy recipes are available in the market. You could find more info on such recipes on the internet too.
  • Besides selecting good food, it is essential to know the right method of preparing them. Lightly stir fry, poach, steam, roast, microwave and bake products are good for health.
  • To reduce the risk of heart diseases, it is essential to eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables. You can check out the recipes on the net to find make healthy snacks with them. You could eat fruit or vegetable salad. To add flavor, you could add little amount of vinegar to it.
  • Legumes are good for the body as they contain a high amount of fiber. You need to consume a good amount of lentils, peas, and beans. To consume more fiber, you could eat raw vegetables, dried fruits, and whole grain crackers.

If you feel that you might be ailing from heart-related issues, you will need to consult the doctors and have yourself checked. Also, you could contact them online. From breast augmentation centers to cardiologist hospitals, all of them have their presence online these days. Never take your heart condition lightly. Take professional help.

Fashion For The Petites

Petite body types are perhaps one of the most difficult to dress. With fashion designers flaunting their must-have clothing on taller-than-life supermodels, most short women feel their pickings are slim when it comes to finding fashion looks that suit their build. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With more designers becoming attuned to “real women” and their clothing needs, the options for petites is increasing and if you know what to look for and how to shop for your body type, you’ll have no problem being a petite fashionista.

Back in the day shopping for a petite woman meant purchasing clothing items made for tall women and then taking those very clothes and altering them to a point where they will properly fit. Luckily, those days are over. You can now find petite versions of the latest styles in any department store and specialty boutique. It may sound obvious but the first place you should look for new clothes is the petite section. Want even more variety? Hop online and you’ll find a score of websites that specialize in offering the best fashions for petites – and even at affordable prices.

Not only do you have to know where to look for petite clothes, you have to know which styles will flatter your build and which ones to avoid. If you happen to see a fashion item being worn during a fashion show and think you may want to add it to your wardrobe, stop and reflect on it for a moment. Remember, the sample size the model is wearing was tailored to her height and build, which is going to be vastly different from your petite frame.

Some patterns and prints also look better on some body types than others. Shop around for clothes that are not only tailored for petite bodies but styles, cuts, and patterns that enhance what you have while creating the illusion of height. One of the biggest fashion no-nos for shorter women is horizontal stripes. Want to make yourself appear even shorter? Then horizontal stripes will be your answer. The solution to this is to turn to vertical stripes instead, which automatically make it appear as if you are a bit taller. Vertical stripes work for shorter women in most forms, such as swimsuits, dresses, and tops.

When it comes to prints, avoid clothing items that have large, bold images and patterns and instead opt for styles that are designed with thin and flowy images that run downwards on the garment. Another fashion tip shorter women should live by is to avoid dressing in a way that makes your torso appear cut in half. That means belts and colors that abruptly cut off the top half of your body from the bottom half, which can make you look even shorter. To combat this, use belts wisely and wear them either low on the hip or right underneath your bust line. Wearing darker colors also adds a slimming effect in addition to height.