Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets From The Pros

For some of us, applying makeup and taking care of our skin comes naturally, while for others it takes time and a lot of practice. Whether you learned your beauty etiquette from your mother, sister, best friend or a magazine, we can all agree that the best sources for such knowledge are the professionals, from celebrity makeup artists to skincare experts. The good news is that more and more pros are making their beauty secrets public knowledge to help benefit women everywhere.

With the popularity of skincare treatments, many women are running to their nearest day spa to have a variety of services performed, such as chemical peels, facials, deep tissue massages, dermabrasion, etc. However, for those that either don’t have the time to devote to such appointments or can’t afford the cost, the next best thing is DIY versions of spa treatments that can be purchased at any local drugstore. While many women love having this convenient and inexpensive option, there are downsides to making spa-grade treatments available on store shelves.

Skincare experts in particular are concerned about those that purchase drugstore chemical peels. The main issue here is that oftentimes consumers are not aware of what level of concentration they are purchasing. If you choose a concentration that is too strong, it can cause a negative skin reaction and even skin damage. Some products may list the concentration level but if you aren’t aware of what the appropriate concentration levels are for your skin, this information doesn’t mean much. First timers should trust their face to the care and skill of a professional and find out what the ideal concentration for their skin is before attempting to do it themselves at home.

When shopping for beauty items at the drugstore, beauty professionals stress not letting price alone dictate what you buy. Many pros caution against buying just any type of facial scrub. When it comes to exfoliation, you’ll want to choose a product that doesn’t use ingredients that are too abrasive. Ingredients like nutshells can cause tiny scratches on your complexion, which over time can make your face appear dull and damaged. Instead search for facial scrubs that use granular sized scrubbing ingredients.

If you’re in the market for mineral makeup, be sure to choose products that don’t have talc listed on the labels. Generic mineral makeup often uses talc as a filler ingredient, which can clog pores. Such products are often really cheap. When searching for the right powder, makeup pros suggest choosing translucent powder that uses a finely milled formula. This results in a professional finish whether you spend 20 minutes on your makeup or 2 minutes.

For those of you that regularly buy drugstore makeup, chances are you’ve used the little nylon brushes that come with the kit. Professionals in the makeup game strongly encourage throwing away any brushes that come with drugstore makeup because the poor quality often doesn’t allow for proper blending. Instead invest wisely in quality, professional grade makeup brushes from your favorite makeup counter. These brushes will last forever with proper care and will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of your makeup.

If you’re sporting fuller brows this season, makeup professionals suggest experimenting with colors in order to create balance. For example, try wearing your full brows with a matte coral lip color with no gloss and a few coats of mascara. Or you can play up the look a bit by wearing a smoky eye and bright red lips.