Fashion In Black & White

The great thing about black and white is that these two colors in fashion give us endless possibilities. Whether they’re paired together or worn alone, we can pull off just about any look in any season. Additionally, these two colors make accessorizing a breeze. This season you can turn to black and white in new ways you may not have thought of before.

Fashion in black and white has been around for a long time. Many famous women over the years were known for sporting fabulous threads in these two colors. Great examples include Diana Ross in the 1980s when she sported an edgy black and white jumpsuit that contained both skinny and wide stripes that stretched across the fabric both horizontally and vertically. Ann-Margaret rocked the mod look by wearing a black and white printed top with a checkerboard miniskirt, thigh-high white boots, and topped it off with a white headband back in the 1960s.

As far back as the 1940s, women like Lauren Bacall made black and white sexy by wearing a zebra print top, white skirt, and black pumps. This time around, fashion designers everywhere are embracing black and white prints and patterns, allowing women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy these two classic colors that never go out of style.

When it comes to accessorizing your next black and white ensemble, this year is all about pairing it with nudes, metallics, and bright colors. Many designers are coupling black and white graphics into special prints on key clothing items such as dresses, skirts, and loose, flowy tops. This year is all about black and white patterns. With just one patterned piece you can completely transform an otherwise boring and bland outfit. The trick to using black and white patterns is to learn what type of designs/graphics flatters your figure. For example, narrow stripes can create the illusion of a slimmer figure, especially when smartly paired with wider stripes. Additionally, black side panels can also visually take inches off your waist.

For women with wide hips, use patterned black and white fashion pieces to your advantage by wearing a printed top to create balance and draw the eye away from your wide hips. Plus size or curvier women can benefit from wearing the right allover print with a diagonal drift to create a slimming effect that is also flattering to your body. Petite women can use the power of vertical lines in black and white to add the illusion of added height.

In addition to knowing what patterns and/or prints to wear when it comes to black and white, it’s also important to properly accessorize. This means keeping your hair and jewelry fairly simple. The goal is to create an overall balance. Think sleek and simple. When it comes to makeup, keep this fairly natural as well. Feminine and soft work well for such outfits. Stay away from fire-engine red lips or other colors that may make your two-toned ensemble seem out of place.

Fashion For Your Age: Clothing Options That Make You Look Younger In A Good Way!

While it may be dreadful to think about the fact that you’re getting older, an even worse feeling is being the woman that people point at and say, “Wow, she is too old to be wearing that!” Using clothes to create a younger appearance is perfectly fine but if you are not wise about the clothing options you choose, you could be doing more harm to your fashion tastes than good. There is nothing wrong with dressing younger but there is a huge difference between looking good by dressing for your age and trying to look like your teenage daughter.

Fashion trends come and go and it isn’t uncommon for older women to want to get in on the “hip” fashions that younger women are wearing. However, you must pick the right types of fashionable styles that are still youthful but are designed for your age. Believe it or not, such clothing items do exist. With a bit of shopping around and fashion savvy, you can easily pull off a fabulous outfit that flatters your figure but allows you to embrace your age instead of trying to pretend you’re younger than your years.

The Little Black Dress:

This one item is a must for any woman’s closet and if you are looking for a younger style, by all means, go ahead but be aware of certain styles that may not be appropriate for your age. Little black dress styles that allow older women to be sexy yet tasteful include those with open backs (but not the kind that dip so low you can see your underwear), scoop, halter and asymmetrical necklines (but not deep plunge V-necks that show way too much cleavage) and slits, either on the side, front or back. While your little black dress should hug your body, you shouldn’t choose a style that is super tight and form-fitting.


There are various styles that are popular these days, including hip-huggers, low rise, and skinny jeans. Unless you are naturally tall and slender, chances are you won’t look right in skinny jeans. Instead of trying to wear the same type of jeans your daughter is sporting, look for a style that is current yet comfortable. Look for jeans that hug your waist comfortably without creating a “muffin top.” Additionally, make sure that when you sit down or bend over, your underwear (or more) doesn’t end up being on display. In these instances, you probably shouldn’t go for a low rise style (think how mortified your children will be to learn that their mother wears thongs!).


Sure, you may have had a ton of leggings when you were a teen but the styles, colors, and outfits that go with tights and leggings today are different and important to learn if you want to pull off this style. Older women should pair black or navy blue tights or leggings with a long, curve-hugging sweater, cinched with a belt that is suitable for your figure. Add some heels or boots to your outfit and you’ll be one fashionable lady!


These days, belts are used for more than just holding your pants up—they are among the most fashionable accessories you can have. If you plan on wearing a belt as part of your ensemble, you’ll want to make sure to choose the right width. If your waist is a bit wider, choose a medium-sized belt or a slightly skinnier style. Plus size older women should avoid wearing skinny belts or super wide belts, which only serve to exaggerate your size.